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Flags, Patches, & Crests

The 18th Crest

18th Field Artillery Regiment Coat of Arms


The Vietnam veteran Flag - We were winning when I left.

The Vietnam Republic Flag.

Flown at Pleiku compound in Vietnam. 

Featured at the 18th Artillery reunions.

Killed in action in Vietnam Patch - 1959 to 1975, Brothers and Sisters who never returned - Vietman War

In Memory Patch

Killed in action in Vietnam - still have missing about 1000 POW's that have never been found. 

1St Cavalry Patch

1St Cavalry Patch

 3-18th wore it from Oct 23, 65 to Nov 1. 1966.  

The horse represents the first Calvary.

Its a big patch " you don't sew the patch to the jacket, you sew the jacket to the patch!"

Americal Patch

Americal Patch

 It ran from Nov 1. 1966 to war ending in 1975 even though 3-18th wore both.

When the build up got there in October '66, General Westmorland changed all artillery  patches to Americal division patch.  The four stars stand for the artillery units. 

Missile Battalion patch


Missile Battalion patch

 Took effect Aug 25, 04 and still runs today. 

The 553 Aviation Patch

The 553 Aviation Patch


Designed by oldest living member

Anthony Sluzenski


The 553 Artillery Patch


The 553 Artillery Patch





The Original 553 crest


The Original 553 crest





The original issue Crest & Patch from Dec1982 - 1/18FA (Silver) Crest and 17FA BDE Patch


Submitted by Mike Rogers:  "This is original issue Crest & Patch from Dec1982. 1/18FA (Silver) Crest and 17FA BDE Patch. The patch was New at that time I think it was USAEURA before that , also the BDU , Uniforms, were Brand New the Older guys still wore Olive Drab like you guys. My field jackets were Olive Drab ,I thought that was cool. They tried to give us experimental MREs we rejected them , C-Rations were much tastier ! , Mike"


The patch is NATO of Reagan year `s.

*notice the lines are broken on 1/18 crest

Crest of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry Regiment - Garry OwenCrest of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry Regiment

Click here for more on the History of Garryowen

About the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment

The 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment Association

Avengers of Bataan Crest at 18th-artillery.com  Avengers of Bataan Crest

7th Army


About the 7th Army crests...


"He who Endures Conquers" - crest to right is the 18th Crest, Next is 542 1/2 white, and 1/2 is red - 4th Infantry Division - Crest on left almost out site is 1/30 Crest (part of the 23rd Artillery Group.)
All has served together since Civil War.


23rd Infantry Division Americal - 14 December 1967Americal Patch

Americal Division Crest and Patch

I wore the 6th Army patch in Ft. Lewis and we were attached to the 23 Artillery Group.  The 23rd Artillery showed up in Vietnam last on Oct., 1966 and brought 11 Battalions with them.  That's where Americal started - November 1, 66 to 1975 end of war.  November 1, 1966 everyone wore the Americal Division Patch.  Only the men from Oct 23, 65 to November 1, 66 can wear the 1st Cavalry Patch.

Charles E. Martin
President & Historian
18th Artillery Assoc Gp.


The 6th Army Patch
The 6th Army Patch was worn at Ft. Lewis while attached to 23rd Artillery Group.
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