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3rd of the 18th History

from civil war to Vietnam


Civil War - WWI

A11 Gettysburg
Chief: SGT Joseph
Gunner: SPC Rollins
Driver: PFC Bell
A21 Champagne Marne
Chief: SSG Sclama
Gunner: PV2 Maggard
Driver: PV2 Howell
A31 Aisne Marne
Chief: SGT Walkley
Gunner: CPL Rodriguez
Driver: PFC Long
A12 St. Mihiel
Chief: SSG Zaklukiewicz
Gunner: SPC Perry
Driver: PV2 Doty
A22 Meuse Argonne
Chief: SGT Grave
Gunner: CPLGordon
Driver: PV2 Mora
A32 Equus
Chief: SGT Lindsey
Gunner: SGT Hagedorn
Driver: SPC Meyers
A3 Croix De Guerre
Chief: SGT Apuan
Driver: SPC Conrad
A20 PVT Mels in P. Pardee
Chief: SGT Deibert
Driver: PFC Campbell


B11 Normandy
Chief: SGT Amiot
Gunner: SGT Carnell
Driver: PV2 Strack
B21 Northern France
Chief: SGT Ingram
Gunner: PFC Sheffey
Driver: PV2 Fournier
B31 Rhineland
Chief: SGT Lorenzo
Gunner: SPC Garcia
Driver: PV2 Widders
B12 Ardennes Alsace
Chief: SSG Dickenson
Gunner: SPC Fox
Driver: PV2 Lynch
B22 Central Europe
Chief: SSG Booty
Gunner: SPC Fugal
Driver: PVT Jacobs
B32 Tess Sur Viro
Chief: SGT Bierman
Gunner: SGT Samples
Driver: PFC Kerley
B3 Rohren
Chief: SGT Garcia
Driver: SPC Floyd
B1O Hamilton
Chief: SGT Strayhorn
Driver: PFC Jackson

Vietnam OIF

C11 la-Drang Valley
Chief: SSG Walters
Gunner: SGT Tauave
Driver: PVT Ridgaway
C21 LZ Xray
Chief: SGT Berbera
Gunner: SPC Crandall
Driver: PVT Tourino
C31 88th Infantry
Chief: SSG Vincent
Gunner: SGT Braner
Driver: PVT Landon
C12 TAA St. Barbara
Chief: SSG Weary
Gunner: SPC Harris
Driver: PV2 Duran
C22 Jalibah
Chief: SGT Norton
Gunner: SPC Rogers
Driver: PV2 Woosley
C32 - TF 4-64 AR
Chief: SGT Clagg
Gunner: PFC Long
Driver: PV2 Chourar
C3 Camp Victory
Chief: SGT Byrne
Driver: SPC Segerson
C1O LSA Dogwood
Chief: SGT Boelter
Driver: SPC Dickson

* Source: 2d Battalion, 18th Field Artillery Christening Ceremony pamphlet - May 25, 2005 - Ft. Sill
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