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Short History of A3/1 8 Arty 1965-66
By Rex Weaver

Like I said things were confused. A-3/18 was on the books as 1FFV (1st Field Forces Vietnam) unit until later on when the Americal Division was created. But specifically in ‘65 and 66 it was assigned to the 1FFV in Nah Trang. LTC Williams was the IFFV Arty S-3 and later became the commander of the 6/14 in Pleiku. I took over A-3/18 in December ‘65 in Pleiku and later on in January we were redesigned D6/14. Most of the original 3/18 guys who went to secure the Catecka Tea Plantation during the first Ia Drang fight in November ‘65 and fought as infantry.

The guns (8 INCH SP’S) were still being off loaded in Qul Nhon harbor, and since they were supporting the 1st Cav, most assumed wear of the “horse blanket” patch. In January ‘66 A-3/1 8 went in direct support of 1/12 Cav in the search and destroy sweep toward Kontom, then on out to the Man Yang pass to support the supply convoys between An Khe and Pleiku. In February we went from there to Plei Me in support of the special forces, half of the battery went to Du Co and we were cross attached with Btry C 6/14 and wound up with two 175’s and two 8 inch for each special forces camp. In March we were augmented with there 155’s from the 25 Inf. Div Brigade at each SF camp. During the ‘66 Ia Drang fight we dad a platoon of tanks from 1/69 Armor out at the 25th lnf. Div. and a hundred Montagnards that CPT Bill Willowabee, Plei Me A-Team commander attached to us.

Was a motley looking crew but we got the steel on the target.
Thank you for answering the call of your country and the service you gave.

Take care and may God bless.


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