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18th Artillery Group Member

James D. Bell



Basic training Ft. Cambell, KY - April 10, 1964

2nd -8 Wk Training Ft. Lewis, Washington




Right: James Bell at North Fort Lewis

Below:  Charles Martin and James Bell 1964




We trained on 8" Towed Howitzer starting July 10th 1964

We arrived there at North Fort  on July 4, 1964

A back breaking job on these 8" Towed Howitzer's


James was part the 2/17 Artillery on our Arrival to Vietnam James Loaded these Howitzer a 105 unit and moved them closer to the IA-Drang Valley everyday on every Fire Mission.
James was then sent to Pleiku Vietnam with A-Btry 3/18 Artillery.  James worked mostly as Perimeter Guard on Jim Sexton APC guarding the 4-8 " Self Propelled Howitzers. .



James did many water run's to a lake near Pleiku, called Bein-Ho Lake - where we got our drinking water.


James Bell was ETS at Oakland, CA April 10,1966




James and his Wife make there home in Campbville, KY.


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