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Civil War 

"General Slocum's line of defense"


During the Civil War General Slocum arranged the cannons in the shape of a fishhook  (commonly known as General Slocum's line of defense).  This is the origin of the fishhook in the 18 Artillery patch.

How to fold the American Flag




If you are a former member of the 18th Artillery, or attached group,  this website is dedicated to you.  We also hope that all men and women who have served in peace or war will find this site informational and learn more about the history and value our unit has provided to this country.  Invest some time reading and learning about the contributions made by the citizen soldiers of the 18th Artillery and in the process you might find long lost buddies or even make some new friends and acquaintances.  View our Members Page


The 18th Artillery shares a brotherhood and a lineage that traces back to the civil war and even intertwines with other illustrious combat units.  Our artillery unit's crest show the star and hook.  The reason for this is that our unit's history traces its lineage back to the Civil War and the battle of Gettysburg where the Union line retreated and reshaped in the shape of a fishhook.  The star represents the position in that line held by our ancestors during that great battle for freedom.


The 18th Artillery Group is an independent, non-profit, private organization maintained by volunteers to help locate former members, assist in reunion plans, and help maintain current association rosters.

The 18th Artillery training is based out of Fort Sill.


8" Towed


The 553 and 18th artillery used towed Howitzer up until Nov, 1964.


Joint Chiefs chairman wants PTSD screenings - USATODAY.com


Vietnam memorial turns 25




Deployed during the Reagan/NATO years (1981-1983).  Replaced the M110 - fires in all directions.


Charles Martin driving the M110 into Pleiku to set up artillery hill 54 in Nov 65 - in the background is CPL Kemple who died in action.

Pleiku - Vietnam - Nov 1965

M110 Abolisher

"On Time On Target"


- Replaced the 8" Towed

- Self Propelled





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